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Catalyst for Maleic Anhydride production from Oxidation of Benzene (BC-118H)

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  • Product Manual:Catalyst for Maleic Anhydride production from Oxidation of Benzene (BC-118H)
BC-118H is a catalyst for production of maleic anhydride from selective oxidation of benzene. 
This is a new type lanthanon V2O5-MoO3 series catalyst, suitable to use in fixed bed. 
The active components are holding on the inert cricoid carrier. BC-118H family catalyst is already used in dozens of maleic anhydride manufacturers, which shares high market.
Technology characteristic
1) High activity and high single translation ratio of benzene(98%~100%).
2) High selectivity, and the mass yield of maleic anhydride is over 91%.
3) Low reaction temperature, salt bat temperature is 343~360℃, hot-point temperature is 430~460℃.
4) Good thermal stability.
5) Long the life of catalyst (more than two years). 

Package. Storage and Transport
BC-118H catalyst is packaged in pasteboard drums lining with double-layer woven sacks. Each drum contains about 35kg catalyst. The catalyst should be stored in a dry, clean, and well-ventilated place. Rolling, bumping, placing upside down, water and moisture should be avoided in both storage and transportation.
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