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O-xylene oxidation catalyst to phthalic anhydride (BC-249)

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  • Product Manual:O-xylene oxidation catalyst to phthalic anhydride (BC-249)

O-xylene oxidation catalyst to phthalic anhydride (BC-249)
The “BC-249” catalyst is a V2O5-TiO2 supported catalyst used for the “70-88 gram process” fixed bed oxidation of o-xylene to produce Phthalic Anhydride. The reactor is filled with different kinds of catalyst in three or four parts, which are of different activity and selectivity. The catalyst has been used in several Phthalic anhydride production units in domestic.

Technology characteristic
1)High concentration of o-xylene: 70~88g/Nm3.
2)Low reaction temperature: salt bath temperature is 350~375℃.
3)Short inducement time: the concentration of o-xylene can reach more than 80g/Nm3 in 45~60 days.
4)High yield: mass yield of phthalic anhydride is over 112.5% (first year).
5)Quality PA: the content of PTLD in crude PA≤0.10wt%, slag discharge quantity is little.
6)Without adding SO2.

Packaging. Storage and Transport
BC-249 is packed in pasteboard drums and divided by small plastic bags inner, each drum contains 35kg. The catalyst should be stored in a dry, clean and well-ventilated place. Rolling, bumping, placing upside down, water and moisture should be avoided in both storage and transportation.

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