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SAL Catalyst--PP Catalyst

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SAL catalyst is a new generation granular high-efficiency polypropylene catalyst. It is suitable for gas phase process, such as Innovene process.

Technology characteristic
1) Catalyst activity is more than 58,000g PP/gCat.(Condition: 51 reactor, polymerization temperature is 70℃, reacted time is 2 hours, distributed pressure of H2 is 0.2MPa).
2) Polymer MFR is adjustable.
3) Polymer has a high isotacticity and adjustable.
4) Polymer has an excellent performance.

Applicable process
This catalyst is suitable for gas phase process, such as Innovene process.

Industrial applications
SAL catalyst is widely used in many Innovene process plants. Catalyst has a high activity and polymer has a good performance.

Packaging. Storage and Transport
Dry catalyst is mixed proportionally with white oil. The mixture is under nitrogen blanket special drums containing 110kg each which dry catalyst is equal or less than 35kg. In transportation, the catalyst should be handled carefully avoiding bumping, opening of cover or contacting with air. It should be stored in a dry, clean and ventilated space out of direct sunlight.

Notice before being used:
The catalyst should be laid under the environment with the temperature about 15℃ more than 24hours, and roll the drum more than 24 hours before being used.

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