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24PIN Dot Matrix Printer ES-760K Whole Printer USB Free drive TOTALLY BRAND NEW

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  • Product Manual:24PIN Dot Matrix Printer ES-760K Whole Printer USB Free drive
Our factory manufacture the new dot matrix printers, model: ES-760K

24 PIN Flat Dot Matrix Printer
New Technoligy, New Printer
Appearance Color Gray
Printer Head 24 pin/ 12*2 Parallel Arrangement; Pin Diametre: 0.22MM, Durable: 400 million/pin
Medium Thickness Single Paper: 0.065-0.14mm; Continuous Paper: 0.065-0.053mm
Character Set ES: The international standard; CN: GB18030-2000
Typeface DP: 1 Character; LQ: 6 Characters   Chinese:24*24 Song typeface
Space Words ES/ ASCII 10/12/15 CPI & Proportional Spacing
Line Width and Direction 82 Columns Bidirectional Printing
Paper Thickness Single Paper: 45-86g/m2;  Copy Paper: Max Thickness0.45mm (Continuous Paper: 0.065-0.053mm)
Paper Width Single Paper: 55-210mm; Continuous Paper: 55-254mm
Copy Capacity Regular print: 1+3 copies (Built-in retyping function: 1+6 copies,  the last paper is more clearing )
Graphics Resolution 360*180 DPI (MAX)
Ribbon Life 8 million draft character set
The Buffer 256 KB
Interfaces USB 2.0
Simulation Free driver (Built-in USB, A key simulation of EPSON driver)
Standard GB 4943.1-2011
Other datas AC198-264V, 50HZ
Mean Time of Failure:10000H
System: Windows XP/ 7/8/10
Working Noise: 57dB (A)
Standby Power:0.1A

* 24 Pin Flat Dot Matrix Printer
* printing speed 260 characters/S
* national tax, land tax, etc

* standard USB port

* built-in retyping function, clearer

* compact size and high speed

* free drive, 1-key simulation is more convenient

* adopt the new national standard GB18030 font library

* quality assurance: "three years warranty"

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