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What is Printhead Refurbishing ?
The most vital part of a Dot Matrix Printer (DMP) is its Printhead. The cost of a Printhead is almost one third of the cost of a new printer and it is the most sensitive part of your DMP. Printheads have a specific life and the life expectancy decreases because of various factors like faulty ribbons, bad paper quality, dusty atmosphere etc.
Warranty on a Printer usually does not cover the Printhead. The only solution that is suggested for a faulty Printhead is replacement with a new Printhead ! Printhead Refurbishing is a process in which a faulty Printhead is stripped to its last component. All the components are cleaned in an Ultrasonic Cleaner with a cleaning agent. After the first inspection, all worn-out parts like pins and guides are replaced with new ones. Silver brazing & spot welding equipment's are used in this process. The head is reassembled back and the second level inspection is done. Now the pins are cutoff with a diamond cutoff wheel and the final finishing of the ends are done so that the ends are 100% burr free.
The head is then fitted into a testing where it undergoes a rigorous testing for flight time and impact. Finally the head is then live tested on actual printers and impact of each pin is check and verified as per OEM specifications.

Benefits Of Refurbishing
1)Costs Saving
The Cost of Refurbishing is almost 30 to 40% of the cost a new print head and hence results in tremendous cost savings. All refurbished heads will give you a print quality which is as good as a new Printhead. The cost saving is very high when you have a lot of Dot matrix printers installed at your site and this can help you in cutting your maintenance bills.
2)Quick Turn Around
Procurement of a new Printhead is a lengthy process. Printhead Refurbishing is very quick . The turnaround time for a 9 Pin printhead is about three days, And for a 24 pin head, about five to seven days Availability
Many manufacturers discontinue certain printer models and the Printheads for the same are not available. You can not discard a printer just because the Printhead is not available. The solution to this problem is Printhead Refurbishing. Eco-Friendly
Disposing electronic waste is always a point of concern for all those who are environment friendly. Why discard such an intricate and complicated parts when only some parts in these have got damaged. It is like discarding your car every time it needs a tyre change. Please note that a lot of Energy have gone into manufacturing a Print head so REUSE them and REDUCE pollution in an already damaged world.

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